We are an Egalitarian Congregation

As members of an egalitarian congregation, we each have the right to assume religious leadership and take upon ourselves certain responsibilities when we access those rights.  In our shul, one responsibility we assume includes the wearing of a tallit and kippah when we read from the Torah, lead services, or are given an honor on the Bimah. We understand that for some the wearing of a tallit is not yet a comfortable act, and we recognize that parents of a child becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah may want to have an aliyah to celebrate this milestone in the life of their child.  Given both of these realities, a parent who is not comfortable wearing a tallit and whose child is becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah may have an aliyah.  After consulting with the Rabbi, this parent (if otherwise permitted to be called to the Torah) can be called for an aliyah if accompanied by another person who is also called to the Torah and who is wearing a tallit.  This situation is the only exception that we will make so that this moment may be one of family celebration.

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