Family and Friends’ Participation

The rabbi will also discuss the various ways that are available to both the Bar/Bat Mitzvah and his or her family and friends to participate in the service. A sheet listing the aliyot, the parts of the Shabbat morning service, and the “honors” is included in this handbook. Families celebrating a simcha on Shabbat morning have five aliyot available to them to honor their family and friends, and can fill in other honors such as carrying the Torah, opening the Ark and other appropriate activities.  One of our gabbaim will contact you a week before the Bar/Bat Mitzvah service to help you complete your planning.

Here is a link to the blessings to be recited by those who are honored with an aliyah to the Torah. It is an exact copy of what they will find on the bimah at the time of their honor. You might find it helpful to copy this and send to those family members you are honoring in advance to help them prepare for this occasion.  Here is a link to the Shechecheyanu prayer which you and your family will also be invited to say during the ceremony.

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