When is the best time to contact the rabbi about welcoming your newborn

During the third trimester of the pregnancy or when you have a date for bringing your adoptive baby or child home, contact Rabbi Allen to set up a meeting.  You may reach him via email at mojo210@aol.com or at the synagogue at 651-452-2226.  You will set up a meeting to discuss the meaning and significance of ceremonies for your child and raising a Jewish child.  Some parents may know the gender of the child and some may not, but in all cases this meeting will be helpful.

In the Jewish tradition a child is named and welcomed into the community to mark his or her covenantal relationship with God and the People Israel.  These rituals are of course different for girls and boys.  However, each is characterized with the same overriding formula of first welcoming a child into the covenant, and then providing that child with his or her name and unique identity within the covenant.

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