A one time Bar/Bat Mitzvah training fee is billed in Sixth Grade.  The actual cost of training for our children is $1350.00 which covers the tutoring and all materials needed for this learning.  Beth Jacob will only be billing $1200 of this actual cost, with $600 payable when the child enters the 6th grade and $600.00 payable when the child enters the 7th grade.  Arrangements may be made to pay this fee in installments over the course of the year.  While families may wish to acknowledge special thanks to their child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah teachers, this is no one’s expectation, and a contribution to the synagogue in someone’s honor is always appreciated and always appropriate.

Please note: All of our children will receive one copy of all materials.  A fee will be charged for replacing anything that may be lost.

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