Greetings from Rabbi Morris J. Allen

“Mitzvah Gedola lihiyot b’simcha tamid – it is a great Mitzvah to be filled with joy continually.”

On behalf of Beth Jacob Congregation, I want to say to each of you Mazel Tov on your upcoming Simcha.  This is a most exciting time for you, your family, and indeed for the Jewish community.  As you look through this guide you will come to appreciate that while the two of you are at the center of drama indeed this is a moment of great meaning for your families, for your friends, and for us as a community… continue reading »

Marriage and the Standards of Conservative Judaism and Welcoming the Non Jewish partner
Homosexuality, Human Dignity & Halakhah: A Combined Responsum For The Committee On Jewish Law And Standards
Selecting a Date
Beth Jacob’s Wedding Coordinator
Wedding Location
Wedding Officiants
Meetings with Rabbi Allen
The Wedding Ceremony
The Celebration – Se’udat Mitzvah

Your Guests:
Please look at the Hosting Events link to learn about local hotels, how to accommodate Shomer Shabbat guests, and other relevant information.


Checklist for Wedding Ceremony and Room Setup

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