Aliyot Sheet

Ark Opening (p. 139, 2 to 4 adults) ____________________________________________________

Carry Sefer Torah (p, 140, 1 adult) _____________________________________________________

Carry crowns (p. 140, 5 children) ______________________________________________________


Torah Aliyot:  The Acharon aliyah is reserved for those observing Yahrzeit in the following week.  The Maftir aliyah is reserved for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  You may choose people for up to 4 of the other aliyot, with no more than 2 people per aliyah.  People sharing an aliyah should be related to each other.  For the Kohen aliyah, at least one of the people must be a Kohen; for the Levi aliyah, at least one of the people must be a Levi.   More details may be found in the attached instructions.

Aliyah English Name Hebrew Name







Acharon Yahrzeits
Maftir (Bar/Bat Mitzvah)

Hagbah (one strong adult)______________________________________________________________

G’lilah (one adult) ___________________________________________________________________

Carry Sefer Torah (p. 153, 1 adult)_______________________________________________________

Carry crowns (p. 153, 5 children)________________________________________________________


Ark opening (p. 154, 2 to 4 adults)______________________________________________________

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