Selecting a Date

Please contact Sean Murphy, the synagogue’s executive director, to select a date for the wedding.

Jewish Tradition and marriage dates and times

While the selection of your wedding date will reflect your personal priorities, you will also need to take into account the Jewish calendar as well as schedules and prior commitments of the rabbi.

Jewish tradition does place some limitations on the choice of a wedding date.  Weddings are not held on the Sabbath, major Jewish holidays or Hol Ha-Moed (the intermediate days of a festival) so that we do not mix – and consequently dilute – each joyous occasion.  Days commemorating tragic events in Jewish history are also not appropriate times for a marriage celebration  (e.g. from the end of Pesach until Rosh Hodesh Iyar, the three weeks prior to Tisha B’av from 17 Tammuz to 9 Av and on minor Fast Days)

The Conservative movement does permit weddings to be held during the S’fira period from Rosh Hodesh Iyar to Shavuot.  On Saturday nights, a wedding (including bedeken and ketubah signing) is to begin no earlier than one hour and twenty minutes after the conclusion of Shabbat.   (Saturday night weddings during Daylight Savings Time are virtually impossible to arrange because of the lateness of sundown.)

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