Marriage and the Standards of Conservative Judaism and Welcoming the Non Jewish partner

Rabbi Allen will officiate at the wedding of two Jewish adults who are either the children of Jewish mothers, or who have been converted to Judaism according to the process designated by Jewish Law.  While recognizing that marriages between two same-sex individuals do not yet enjoy civil recognition in Minnesota, Rabbi Allen will officiate at their religious ceremony.

Any questions regarding the Jewish status of either member of the couple should be addressed with him when you contact him about officiating at the wedding.  Divorced individuals from a Jewish marriage must have secured a get, or Jewish divorce, before remarriage.  The rabbi will request to see the get during a premarital meeting.

Beth Jacob congregants on occasion marry people who are neither Jews by birth, nor choose to convert to Judaism.  Rabbi Allen welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and to discuss your plans for creating a Jewish household.  While he officiates only for Jewish couples, he is committed to serving as your rabbi both before and after the wedding. Both Rabbi Allen and Beth Jacob look forward to your participation in the on-going life of this community as equally sacred members of our shul.   Please contact the rabbi to meet with him.

Beth Jacob congregation is pleased to announce the engagement and weddings of all of its members in Kol Ya’akov, the synagogue newsletter.

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