Approved Caterers

Beth Jacob offers an excellent in-house kosher caterer, Natalia Mykytchuk (651-452-2226). Please contact Sean Murphy about setting up an appointment to meet with Natalia Mykytchuk to discuss menu and pricing.

If you wish to engage an outside caterer for your Beth Jacob event, before you sign any other catering contract, please let Sean Murphy know so we can ensure that the caterer’s understanding of kashrut is the same as that of our Beth Jacob congregation.  Please be aware that there is a kitchen rental fee for any outside caterers to use the kitchen, and that they must have a Beth Jacob mashgiach present at all times, to whom we pay an hourly fee.

Beth Jacob families have worked in the past with the following approved caterers:

Other caterers may be approved to work in our kitchen. Rabbi Allen has the final say as to all matters of kashrut, and must approve any caterers not already included in this list.

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