F. Personal study Mitzvot

1. Impress them upon your children. Recite them when you stay at home and when you are away, when you lie down and when you get up. (Deut. 6:7)
     Set aside a regular and fixed time for the study of some Jewish subject (outside of Hebrew School and
     Bar/Bat Mitzvah studies).
     Read at least two books of Jewish interest.

2. For you will be heeding the Lord your God, obeying all His commandments that I enjoin upon you this to, doing what is right in the sight of the Lord your God (Deut. 13:19)
     Learn the meaning and origin or three different Jewish rituals practiced in your home.

3. Speak to the Israelite people and instruct them to make for themselves fringes on the corners of their garments throughout the ages; let them attach a cord of blue to the fringe at each corner. (Num. 15:38)
     Make a tallit, including the tying of the tzitzit, and learn their meaning.

4. But the seventh day is a Sabbath of the Lord your God: you shall not do any work – you, your son or daughter, your male or female slave, or your cattle, or the stranger who is within your settlements. (Ex. 20:10)
     Learn the meaning of the Shabbat restrictions and practice them strictly for a month.

5. Be careful to observe only that which I enjoin upon you: neither add to it or take away from it. (Deut. 13:1)
     Raise your grade level in school through special effort.

6. But at the place where the Lord your God shall choose to establish his name, there alone shall you slaughter the Passover sacrifice, in the evening, at sundown, the time of day when you departed from Egypt. (Deut. 16:6)
     Go on or plan a trip to Israel for the future, studying about the most important places to visit there.

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