Wedding Location

Where can weddings be held

The policy of the Minnesota Rabbinical Association affirms that because of the spiritual nature of a Jewish wedding the ceremony may be held only at the synagogue, at home, or in an outdoor public setting such as a park.  Wedding ceremonies are not conducted in hotels or country clubs or private clubs that serve as catering halls.  For the Se’udah Mitzvah (the festive celebratory meal after a wedding) which follows, if not held at Beth Jacob, needs to be either dairy or acceptable fish, or if meat is served needs to be in a place under Rabbinic supervision.  We encourage you to hold your reception at the synagogue, at home or another location where kashrut will be observed.

Facilities Contract

This link will take you to a sample Beth Jacob’s facilities contract, which you will sign to secure your wedding date.  It provides all the information that you will need about what facilities are available and the costs. Available spaces at Beth Jacob for preparations,  pre-ceremony gathering, and the wedding may be found at this link.

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